Primal Mind


Living a healthy Primal life starts first and most importantly with the mind. Obtaining any goal, creating anything new or original, making any changes or just simply being happy all has it’s root in the same place – inside you. It is your imagination and thinking – your consciousness that creates the impetus to make things happen in your life and the world in general.primal_pyramid-01

This facet of mind creates a double edge sword in all our lives – if we structure our thinking correctly, we can succeed, yet if our thoughts are negative we will almost certainly condemn ourselves to failure.

Have you ever heard of Roger Bannister? For a long time, the whole world considered it impossible to run a mile (1.6km) in under 4 minutes. When Roger did this for the first time in 1954, the world was shocked. People believed it impossible, but once others saw it was achievable, they lifted their sights to a greater goal. As of October 2013, the number of people that have achieved the feat had reached approximately 1300, with quite a few people having done it more than 100 times each!

In the posts below in our Primal Mind category, we’ll look at ways we can align our thinking to help us achieve the goals we set ourselves – be it happiness, weight loss, enlightenment, better health or your version of the 4-minute mile.

Making Healthy Living Easier