Primal Lifestyle

While we may no longer have to hunt or scavenge for our daily necessities or be on the run from predators, we also have different stresses in our lives that can have a dramatic influence on our bodies, minds and ultimately our happiness. From a biological point of view, our bodies don’t know the difference between being stalked by a lion and the tension we have when we’re running late for an important meeting.primal_pyramid-01

Your lifestyle affects your body and mind, just as much as your body and mind affect your lifestyle. The Garbage In==Gargbage Out model is just as relevant to how you choose to live your life as it is to what you eat or decide to think.

The Primal Lifestyle section is devoted to bringing your Primal Body and Primal Mind into harmony with the way evolution has designed us to live our lives – one that makes you fulfilled and happy.

Our hope is to explore with you ways we can bring ourselves closer to a natural ‘perfect’ lifestyle, yet utilise and learn from the best the modern world has to offer. You can find the latest Primal Lifestyle blogs below.

Making Healthy Living Easier