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What we put in our bodies has a direct relationship to what we get primal_pyramid-01out of it.

The inputs can include the obvious Food and Nutrients. Other important lifestyle factors such as Exercise, Sleep and Sunlight, not to mention your thinking also have a significant effect on the way your body responds.

If you sleep poorly, it may very well affect your physical endeavours. If you exercise hard during the day, you might sleep well at night, but maybe not if you’re hungry!

But what is the optimal food and nutrition for our you?

Frankly, we cannot answer that.

What we can do is give you some understanding of how Primal eating has evolved over many thousands of years, we can share some of the modern science supporting it, and of course we can point you to the numerous success stories, our own included.

Modern eating has introduced foods that our bodies are just not designed to eat. Grains and bread only appeared in the last 3,000 years or so, and refined sugars in the last 200 years. These foods provide a massive amount of energy into your bloodstream, and because our system only burns through the sugar and carbohydrates it needs for its immediate power requirements, your body is forced to release massive amounts of insulin to control the ‘problem’ of excess energy. Anything left gets placed into fat deposits around your body.

The next issue that occurs is that once that energy is stored away nicely, you’ve still got all the insulin floating around in your system, which is designed to store energy – not release it from your fat cells to use! So what happens? Your body starts demanding energy which your fat cells can’t release, so you go to the cupboard and grab a biscuit or a chocolate bar etc., which starts the cycle all over again.

Eating a diet high in sugar and carbohydrates is likely to lead you to gain a few (or a lot) kilogrammes every year. This increase does not sound like too much in the short-term, but a few a year for 10–20 years can lead to excess weight gain of 10…20…30 or more kilos. The weight gain is nothing in comparison to the variety of chronic, and often life-threatening health issues such as diabetes and heart disease, digestive issues, allergies, skin problems, or joint and mobility problems. Interestingly, even if you’re thin, you still get the chronic health concerns associated with high carbohydrate intake!

shutterstock_281521910-convertedOur ancestors were hunter-gatherers, they ate what they found in nature – a range of fats, meats, berries, vegetables, seed and nuts. These healthy foods are primarily made up of proteins, fats, nutrients and slow release natural carbohydrates that the human body has evolved to thrive on.

Sweet, Fatty and Salty. This is what we crave when we are hungry.

Grains and packaged processed foods were never part of our primal ancestors’ diet; they had to hunt down their dinner and find their dessert. Some groups were nomadic and moved with the seasons, and they spent time outdoors in the sun soaking up Vitamin D not blocking it with sunscreen.

We, on the other hand never hunt further than the closest supermarket shelf, and the most exercise a lot of us get is wandering between the kitchen and the lounge room, walking between offices or meandering along the supermarket aisles. The modern world has evolved into a fast-paced technological wonderland, but our bodies have not been able to keep up.

By going back to a more natural diet, to a more simple lifestyle, we can get back our health and a happier way of life.

So with this in mind, if you’re new to the Primal life and want to get all the details head to the Primal Blueprint 101 courtesy of Mark’s Daily Apple for the best Primal Cheat Sheet around!  In addition, there are over 3,500 posts on every aspect of the life you can think of… and a few you can’t!

Below you’ll find our posts dedicated to your Primal Body, enjoy!

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