The Primal Approach

Most of life is much simpler than modern medicine and science would like to have us believe. We need to learn to control how our genes express themselves; this will help us to build the strongest, leanest, healthiest body possible. We do this by taking cues from human evolutionary biology (that’s the Primal part).

Using the evolution roadmap, you can find straightforward and understandable answers to just about any questions about health and fitness – whether it involves personal choices, lifestyle adjustments or if medical intervention might be appropriate.

There’s a very simple computer programming concept that goes something like this: Garbage Input==Garbage Output. Or to paraphrase, if you treat your body or mind poorly with what you put into it, you’re not going to get the output or results you desire in your life.

Not many people would argue the point that nature does it’s best to force us to have balance in our lives, but the question becomes – What’s the best balance for you and what inputs does nature require to get the best output? Is it possible that what you’re doing now is holding you back from being the best you can be?


There are three fundamental parts to the Primal Approach each with an integrated and balanced role to play in helping you find health and happiness:


Primal Mind

The mind governs how we live our lives, and without a clear, simple approach we will be unable to get the results we desire. Here you can understand more about how your thinking is the most vital component in giving you the body, mind and lifestyle you truly want. 


Primal Body

This section on the Primal Body looks at different ideas on how you can optimise your body’s food and nutrition input to make sure your equation doesn’t start with ‘Garbage In’.  It further discusses some of the health results that are possible when treating your genes as they were designed.


Primal Lifestyle

We evolved over an extended period to lead a simple hunter-gatherer lifestyle, so our goal in this area is to help you find the right balance between the modern world of technology and the constant pressures it brings to bear in life.  It is only by getting our minds and bodies balanced that we can live up to our potential, so understanding and adapting our lifestyle needs can be the greatest and most significant challenge of all!  


With this simple approach, you will forever be able to examine or evaluate any food choice, any form of exercise or any other behaviour in the context of how it impacts your genes, your thinking and your lifestyle. Even if you decide to opt for a “bad choice”, at least you’ll know why it’s bad!

So where do you start?

We highly recommend starting with the Primal Blueprint 101.  Mark Sisson from Mark’s Daily Apple popularised the Primal movement and is the original and most comprehensive source for Primal information today.

If you want to keep things simple, and just feel like skipping the hunting for yourself today, we’ve got a range of healthy foods to keep you going in our Primal Shop!

In the course of developing our range of products, we’ve come up with some great Primal Recipes of our own to share with you that will help your taste buds entertained on your journey.

Need some inspiration? Here are some Primal Success Stories of how people changed their lives using the Primal Approach!

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