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How can a Health Coach help you?

Are you frustrated with your attempts to lose weight? Does it confuse you with all the conflicting information that is abundant today regarding what is best for your health?

As your health coach, my role is to assist you in determining what your personal health and wellness issues are, how they intersect and affect you holistically and help you develop strategies to overcome them.  Whether you want to lose weight, reduce stress, achieve better sleep or lower the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, we can work together to devise a customised plan for you.

I learnt a lot about nutrition, health, mindfulness and wellness during my journey, and this further inspired me to increase my knowledge by studying to become a Primal Health Coach, a formal training process to ensure that we understand what is required to make changes efficiently.  I want to help you change your life for the better, and some people particularly benefit from specialised advice, that’s what attracted me to health coaching—it seemed like a natural evolution.

Most people know what conventional wisdom says they should be doing to improve their health and prevent various diseases, but if the process were that simple, we wouldn’t have a worldwide health epidemic. You may not have the know-how; or you may be confused by all the conflicting information out there and the competing diets, as well as the implications of all the different scientific studies published. As your Health Coach, I can support you by homing in on the health and diet information that’s relevant to you as an individual. I provide step-by-step tools to help you create permanent changes in your health and well-being.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase energy or just get healthy, I will take the time to listen to your concerns, help you discover where and why you are struggling, and help you navigate the world of contradictory nutritional advice to figure out exactly what works for your body!

From nutrition guidance to customised exercise programs and stress reduction techniques, a Primal Health Coach is a wellness expert that works with clients to create individualised, flexible, holistic mind-body health plans. So to find out more, give me a call or drop me an email today!



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