About Us


Hi, and welcome to Primal Flavours!

We’re Anthony and Helen, dsc02778_dxoand together we’ve set up this site to help you understand our version of healthy living and to assist making your transition to that lifestyle easier with recipes, tips, coaching and some delicious food you can order from the shop!

Life can be full of strange twists and turns, and if anyone had told us we’d be running a business and website based on healthy living five years ago we would have thought they were crazy!

Why? Because we were both unfit, terribly overweight, ignorant and fundamentally unmotivated to do anything other than burying our respective heads in life’s sandpit. We preferred self-entertainment over self-improvement and focused on whatever short-term pleasures we could get our hands on… irrespective of the long-term pain it caused us.

Through our separate journies, we came to the ‘Primal’ lifestyle, a phrase coined by Mark Sisson over at http://www.marksdailyapple.com/, and we over time we turned our lives around.

Helen loves cooking and grew up with one foot in the kitchen, and you can read Helen’s Primal Story here on the site. With a business and computing background, you can read a fascinating account of Anthony’s Primal Story… he has the ability to eat food at a rate that has garnered him the rather unfortunate nickname of the Primal Labrador (in his opinion).

Over time, we also started learning about the effect that Primal eating also has on our pets, and started Primal Petsa local busines in Western Australia specialising in raw natural pet food at a great price!

Helen has achieved her Primal Health Coach Certification  (http://www.primalhealthcoach.com/) and is more than happy to assist you in achieving better health for yourself.  Together we hope to share all our research, experiences and knowledge with you, so you don’t make the same mistakes we did… and hopefully, you’ll let us share your Primal Success story too!


Making Healthy Living Easier